Galvan: Top Realtor in Lo de Marcos

There are tons of people that are moving to Mexico and taking advantage of the Mexican lifestyle.

Lo de Marcos is an enchanting paradise that a privileged few call their permanent home and others would one day like to call their permanent home.

That said, we have a majority of visitors who spend a few weeks to a full season here but are not with us year round. In the case of those that rent, they just pack-up and return and have nothing more to worry about, but in the case of those that are fortunate to already own property, they leave with the underlining pressure of having to maintain their property from afar, a task that can sometimes become pressing. Fortunately, at Galván Real Estate and Services, we offer our clients the benefits of our Property Management Department.

The last thing anybody needs is for a vacation home to become a burden of any sort. Because we understand that, we have created a division that will ease the load of leaving your property. The professional and dedicated care of our Galván team will insure that your home away from home in Riviera Nayarit, is taken care of with the same commitment you would have, and that even far away your assets are in good hands.

Here are the top 10 Reasons to hire the Galván Team. 

  1. We are well known and respected in town.
  2. We have a Full Time Property Manager on staff.
  3. We offer bi-weekly Property Inspections. 
  4. We offer complete Project Management for construction projects. 
  5. We have several Full Time maids on our staff.
  6. We offer accurate and timely monthly Accounting statements.
  7. We offer complete bill paying services. Annual Trust and taxes included. 
  8. If you want to rent your property, we have a qualified Rental Department.
  9. We are able to assist with all of your property needs. 
  10. Our approach is active and not just responsive.   

From maintenance and utility payments to home improvements, Galvan Real Estate and Services can assist you with a management plan that best suits your needs.

Not only will we aid you in keeping the property in top condition, but we will also provide you with the invaluable peace of mind you desire. Our responsible, driven, knowledgeable and bilingual staff will be your insurance in the security, preservation, management, and/or expansion of your home, and they will only be an e-mail, text message or phone call away.

Riviera Nayarit and Lo de Marcos Mexico
Riviera Nayarit & Lo de Marcos, Mexico

A vacation or retirement property is not just a property, it is a home away from home, and Galvan Real Estate wants you to trust us with your home while you are temporarily at distance.

Please contact us today to discuss our different Management Packages so we can get you on your way to have the support and incomparable Property Management Services that we know only our team can provide in Lo de Marcos and other regions.

Your peace while away from Riviera Nayarit is worth it.For more information, please contact us at