Our Services


The services of HSVCC are centered around the real estate properties around the world.

Here are the things you will get when you sign up with HSVCC:

Real Estate Property Listing – Any kind of property is welcome in our list. We just need all the possible data you can include for an efficient real estate listing.

Real Estate Property Search – Our database is the largest in the world. We have almost every property out there. Our search function has ten different filters and are available for export for members.

Real Estate Property Referral – Based on your location, our system automatically gives out suggested real estate properties for you.

Contact Function – With permission from real estate property owners, we cater contact for buyers and sellers. We have an in-house private messaging function to cater this.

Featured Real Estate Property – For owners and agents who want to advertise their properties, we cater paid listings. These listings are on top priority in terms of display and featured spots.