Galvan: Top Realtor in Lo de Marcos

There are tons of people that are moving to Mexico and taking advantage of the Mexican lifestyle.

Lo de Marcos is an enchanting paradise that a privileged few call their permanent home and others would one day like to call their permanent home.

That said, we have a majority of visitors who spend a few weeks to a full season here but are not with us year round. In the case of those that rent, they just pack-up and return and have nothing more to worry about, but in the case of those that are fortunate to already own property, they leave with the underlining pressure of having to maintain their property from afar, a task that can sometimes become pressing. Fortunately, at Galván Real Estate and Services, we offer our clients the benefits of our Property Management Department.

The last thing anybody needs is for a vacation home to become a burden of any sort. Because we understand that, we have created a division that will ease the load of leaving your property. The professional and dedicated care of our Galván team will insure that your home away from home in Riviera Nayarit, is taken care of with the same commitment you would have, and that even far away your assets are in good hands.

Here are the top 10 Reasons to hire the Galván Team. 

  1. We are well known and respected in town.
  2. We have a Full Time Property Manager on staff.
  3. We offer bi-weekly Property Inspections. 
  4. We offer complete Project Management for construction projects. 
  5. We have several Full Time maids on our staff.
  6. We offer accurate and timely monthly Accounting statements.
  7. We offer complete bill paying services. Annual Trust and taxes included. 
  8. If you want to rent your property, we have a qualified Rental Department.
  9. We are able to assist with all of your property needs. 
  10. Our approach is active and not just responsive.   

From maintenance and utility payments to home improvements, Galvan Real Estate and Services can assist you with a management plan that best suits your needs.

Not only will we aid you in keeping the property in top condition, but we will also provide you with the invaluable peace of mind you desire. Our responsible, driven, knowledgeable and bilingual staff will be your insurance in the security, preservation, management, and/or expansion of your home, and they will only be an e-mail, text message or phone call away.

Riviera Nayarit and Lo de Marcos Mexico
Riviera Nayarit & Lo de Marcos, Mexico

A vacation or retirement property is not just a property, it is a home away from home, and Galvan Real Estate wants you to trust us with your home while you are temporarily at distance.

Please contact us today to discuss our different Management Packages so we can get you on your way to have the support and incomparable Property Management Services that we know only our team can provide in Lo de Marcos and other regions.

Your peace while away from Riviera Nayarit is worth it.For more information, please contact us at

Calgary Canada Showing Increasing Interest in Spite of Politics

For the most part most Canadians understand and respect the importance of the energy sector to the overall GDP of Canada which also includes contributions to other provinces without energy resources. Alberta is the primary energy resource rich province in Canada.

Calgary is a metropolitan of some 1.3 million and in the past few years has seen an increase in interest in the housing market here. However, with recent political news and the re-election of PM Justin Trudeau, Albertans in general are concerned. Do they have reason to be? Let’s dig in and find out.

As of this day (Dec. 16, 2019) the housing market in Calgary is still, even if hard to believe, a buyers market. This according to this article on CBC (

As the article outlines, although house prices have dipped 2%, the fact remains that the volume of total sales is up over the 2018 season. Instability is still a real concern while the next four years under Trudeau’s Liberals, could add further instability ahead given the wedge between the province and that party.

Politics aside however, by no means is Calgary dependent upon political agendas of the Federal government. The city has so much to offer new homeowners which is likely what drives the market here more than anything.

Here are a few of the benefits Calgary residents have available to them:

  • close proximity to the Rocky Mountains (1.5 hr drive) and nature
  • youthful population with average age being 36
  • higher income – Calgary has more millionaires per capita than anywhere else in Canada
  • highest homeownership numbers in Canada
  • outdoor trails totaling 18kms throughout the downtown region
  • Clean. Calgary ranked #1 on Mercer’s Top 10 Cleanest Cities in the World in 2013
  • vibrant nightlife and shopping options

Of course there are many more however we’d be here all day listing them so let’s continue with talking about homes for sale in Calgary and why 2020 is shaping up to be a good year for real estate here.

What’s hot in and around Calgary?

The community Lake Bonavista is one of the most talked about areas around Calgary to live. Why? Well for one it surrounds a man made lake. You may want to visit Toledo home listings. In fact it’s the first lakeside community in Calgary. Residents here get a member access card to Fish Creek Provincial Park – an incredible park featuring many amenities to the outdoor enthusiast. Homes for sale in Lake Bonavista range in price between $750k and $775k on average. So yes it’s clearly an upper-end housing market here.

Video used with permission of Calgary Real Estate company REPYYC

Another popular area around Calgary for those looking for the truly luxurious Alberta experience and everything Calgary has to offer is Britannia.

Britannia is one of the highest priced markets in Calgary and is renown for it incredible homes by some of the finest architects around. Calgary once declared the area of significance due to it being one of the oldest and most comprehensive neighborhoods in Calgary. Houses for sale in Britannia range in price starting from around a million and heading straight up to the record home sold in Calgary at $6 million.

Video used with permission of Calgary Real Estate company REPYYC

That being said virtually anywhere in the greater Calgary area would be a fantastic place to live or raise a family and data is showing us that with lower home prices and higher demand, Calgary in 2020 should be looking forward to more positive news in real estate.

Enjoy All the Luxuries of Life at Gated Communities

Gated Communities

Gated Communities, also commonly referred to as gated retirement neighborhoods, essentially have two primary functions. These usually supply security that many senior citizens aim for and they also supply an elegant way of life for people with comparable interests.

Nevertheless, do not even for a minute presume that only people in an innovative age remain in these gated retirement home. Fact is, there are other individuals also, such as households with kids as well as recently wed couples. There are lots of people who come by just for the weekend, and after that return all stimulated and unwinded.

Since the neighborhoods are based upon some specific interest in many cases, similar people get typically get drawn in by these activities.


The Rising Popularity

The pattern of living in a gated neighborhood has actually become so popular in the US that, according to reports, about 8 million people are residing in these personal gated neighborhoods at present all over the nation. And the pattern is continuing to grow.

However, residing in Gated Communities is absolutely nothing new. This style of living has actually remained in style since the 19th century, or perhaps even previously.

Nevertheless, at those times, only those who were truly abundant might enjoy something like this because the costs were actually high. But the bright side is, in current times, the costs have actually decreased by an excellent offer.

The Elite image

One actually covets the sort of way of life these people reside in these property neighborhoods. Surrounded by plant as far as the eye might see, they do not struggle with air or sound contamination.

There are some very great gated neighborhood homes here where all the high-ends of a modern-day way of life can be found. Normally the majority of these personal gated neighborhoods are very near elite, championship-style golf courses or within them. Therefore, you get the opportunity to play golf when you are remaining here, if you have an interest in the game.

Privacy and Security

The security and privacy of those who stay here is the leading concern, and to keep them well safeguarded there are armed guard. And they come equipped with contemporary security devices.

The Cost

Despite of the fact that residential or commercial properties situated within these locations might cost a lot more as compared with others, people from many strolls of life are still thinking about living here. This can be accounted to the much better quality of security as well as the high quality of living that is on deal.

You can find nearly every contemporary feature here. You will find well preserved roadways, manicured yards, running tracks, swimming pools, tennis courts, a club house, indoor games – you call it, and it is there. You can have your choice from a number of activities such as swimming, horseback riding, boating, tennis and more. Or you might choose to do absolutely nothing and just relax and unwind with the nature surrounding you.

Home designers are now purchasing golf courses with a view to develop golf based neighborhoods close by. It does seem like putting the cart before you have actually got the horse, but if you see it commercially, then the idea appears just great.

In reality, this offers the contractor with the possibility to produce everything – the structures and the roadways, all in relation to the primary golf course. A great idea certainly!…

Gated Communities Making a Buzz in the Real Estate Industry


A gated neighborhood is a type of property neighborhood that offers restricted or regulated access to vehicles in addition to pedestrians. These property neighborhoods have a closed boundary made up of walls, which improves the level of security. Hence, homeowner residing in these neighborhoods are supplied with unique advantages of living firmly behind evictions.

Services Available

Aside from the security factor, there are many centers and services that are offered in such neighborhoods. These features are far higher than those houses without gates. A few of these features are elegant clubhouses, pool, gyms, play area, dining establishments, libraries, and so on. The yards of the area are well-manicured and improve the whole place. Also, access to lovely landscaping and myriad of other centers makes gated neighborhoods appealing to home purchasers.


Households with kids and senior citizens choose purchasing houses in such property areas because the security system offers them a sense of security. So, they can oversleep their home with no concerns. Retired people or property owners can keep themselves inhabited with a number of facilities without needing to take a trip outside their region. Additionally, kids can play numerous games or invest hours doing their preferred sport in these neighborhoods.


There are many activities that can be carried out, which boosts the bond in between kids and parents. You can even learn more about your next-door neighbors and other households residing in your town, which can be preferable for retired people who enjoy mingling. As the traffic is lower, gated neighborhoods become much more secure for kids taking strolls or riding bikes. Also, it makes the whole place quieter, and makes it possible for kids to study quietly.

More Affordable

Previously, only the upper-class or rich people used to purchase houses in gated neighborhoods. At present, the middle-class people are also revealing interest in buying houses in such property jobs. There are a number of continuous and approaching realty jobs and the majority of these jobs include gated neighborhoods so that they can offer a safe home to their potential purchasers.

The quality of houses in such neighborhoods is outstanding as they supply high requirement of real estate. Residing in such locations is definitely a terrific way to invest your life in harmony and gladly. These neighborhoods are best for any age groups as people enjoy remaining here. Nevertheless, you might deal with some difficulty while getting in these neighborhoods as you need to supply information to the gatekeepers. With numerous advantages that can be accessed, it is hard to concentrate on such small inconveniences that you will deal with while going into through evictions. So, the next time you are trying to find a home, checkout some gated neighborhoods too!…

Gated Neighborhoods Essentials

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a home or a property is the the neighborhood. Where you choose to live such as the city, state and the kind of neighborhood also plays its part where place you undoubtedly opt to live. Whether you wish to live in an open or a gated neighborhood is a different part totally.

Symbol of Success

In the United States, gated communities have actually been around for years now. It’s become more widespread to live in a gated area over the previous couple of years, nevertheless. In many situations, in truth, it is something which is believed to be the embodiment of success in American society. It’s agent of how effective an individual is, in many methods. There are benefits and drawbacks that come too, however, like many elements of the property and real estate market.


Individuals who reside in gated areas are often vulnerable to be extoling its advantages. For one, gated neighborhoods use 24-hour surveillance and security. Gated domestic neighborhoods can also possess lowered criminal offense as an entire other viewpoint. People with kids are for that reason made to feel more secure and secured. There is also way less through traffic in a gated neighborhood than in an open one as admittance is kept an eye on. For that reason, these are a few of the important things you need to most likely watch out for when thinking about a gated community.


Gated property neighborhoods are typically viewed as a troublesome by a few of individuals, however. Needing to call the guard station in order to enable admittance to your community whenever you have company over is also a problem. Gated neighborhoods also have the draw back of generally costing more than their open gain access to neighborhood equivalents, since there’s the extra expenditure of security personnel and other security component. Residences of a comparable size and layout on the outside of the gated area are subsequently much less expensive. It may just not deserve of the extra expenditure for some people.

It basically depends on what you place one of the most value upon in your life, then, regarding whether you select a gated or an open gain access to neighborhood. To ensure a much safer environment for you and your family, you’ll need to make a personal option on the financial effect of living in among these neighborhoods over an open gain access to one.…